Are the ticket offices reliable?

In the world of music ticketing, there are many platforms at your service. It is therefore difficult to find your way around this whole range of offers. To help you understand the question "Are the ticket offices reliable? ", we present you different offers, to avoid or not.

Live Booker

Live Booker offers a service that books your concert tickets for you, once the desired concert is announced and before the official onsale. Through a wide range of live events throughout Europe, this booking service allows you to avoid all the hassle associated with obtaining your tickets. And this includes a team of professional bookers in the starting blocks! Another detail, in the case of a concert cancellation, Live Booker will refund your order in full. 0% risk for 100% pleasure.


In close collaboration with Alex Events, Digitick is a 100% secure primary ticketing system. With a wide choice of events, from concerts to festivals and exhibitions, Digitick is the number one online ticketing company and a pioneer in e-ticketing. The assurance of taking you to the concert of your choice without the slightest glitch.

Next Concert

An original (and above all seasoned) ticket booking service, Next Concert allows you to never miss a concert of your favourite artist again. You book their service even before the official announcement of the concert and pay the price of the tickets once the concert has been announced. When the tickets are officially put up for sale, Next Concert's agents buy your tickets for you, without you having to even lift a finger, in order to maximize your chances of getting your tickets. Secure and reliable, Next Concert will refund you in full if the event of your choice is cancelled. Not bad, huh?


With a large choice of concerts, festivals and performances, Ticketmaster allows you to find your tickets at the right prices. Despite many controversies concerning supposed links with retailers, this ticket office remains nevertheless a reference site to obtain tickets for the concerts of your choice. With its precise filters, particularly on cities and types of performances, this ticket office is a convenient and secure way to obtain your tickets for the concerts of your choice.


Often singled out, the services offered by Viagogo have, on many occasions, been the subject of controversy over the resale of concert tickets. Pricings too often on the rise, exorbitant commissions and refusal to comply with certain regulations, Viagogo is not the most reliable and secure solution to attend the concerts of your choice. However, this remains one of the many possible alternatives if you are unable to obtain your tickets by other means.